IBS Services attempts to inculcate a sense of positiveness in our personnel. Our goal and hope is that the positive attitude emnating from our staff will enthuse everyone at the client site to bring out the best in all. At the end of the training session, the traines imbibe respect and love for customers, superiors, colleagues and subordinates; is sensitive about good inter-personal relations, inculcate the habit of following the orders of superiors with no question raised; learn to be enthusiastic and sincere in work; has an urge to improve professionally; learns to maintain positive and happy attitude at home as well as on the job; learns to take pride in the job, and in the Organsiation; become a positive influence on other colleagues
All our programs lay stress on positive attitude.
Attitude emnates from the thinking process.
The beads of academic and professional subjects in our programs are strung together by the thread of positive attitude. This, we believe, acts as a powerful lever for change and the benefits go far beyond the ability to do the job in hand.
It is more about changing values and behaviour. This encourages employees to think about their role in the organisation in a wider context.
Overall the employees feel valued by the organisation and are therefore more loyal to it.
Thus, by the end of the program, each of our security guards is an effective performer plus an asset to your organisation.
Our programs create not only good professionals but also good human beings.
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